Feeling Autumnal

It seems the wind has changed this week and there’s a bit of a chill to the air, the North East of England is never boiling hot but I have noticed the drastic change, what’s it like every where else then? After I read Carla’s post about winter jumpers and how her first ever blog post was on winter jumpers I realised one of my first posts was about my autumn favourites. It’s lovely seeing how far this blog has come along.

With the change in weather I’ve noticed old snuggly pieces edging their way back into my wardrobe and even treated myself to a few new pieces.

I love pinafores, in autumn you can wear them with Cardigans and blazers then when it gets colder layer them with thick tights and jumpers. This grey one is from Primark and I thought I’d jazz it up with electric blue tights and my little gold maginfying glass necklace.

My little bow cardigan is so cute and comfy, I layer it with so much.

I love pinafores so much I bought two in one trip, this is also from Primark. As well as red being my power colour I think navy and electric blue are too as they feature quite heavily in my winter outfits. I also bought some thick winter tights yesterday and had to have these grey polkadot ones.

This jumper is from last A/W but it’s still serving me well. I wore it for my first day of college last year if I remember correctly, when it gets even colder I can layer it with a black vest and boots.

Now this red skirt was an absolute bargain, I got it in July from The Matalan clearence store just down the road from me for something like £3!  The sweater is really old but I’m determined to get all the wear out of it that I can.

My tights are full of big bows which I love, they’re also quite thick. Which is very good for me.

Quite a bad shot but this is my newest purchase a big shouldered Cardie. I’m not usually one for big shoulders but I do love this, and it’s my power colour.

Not very Autumn-y but I’ve been after a cute knuckle duster for ages so when I saw this one with little birdies on a branch I fell in love.

Sidenote- One of my favourite shows Fearne and… returned last night and I was shocked to see that me and Fearne shared the same taste in jewellery

While out and about with Mischa Barton (I still have the opinion that she subscribes to the Mariah Carey school of celeb-dom) Fearne is wearing my Magnifying glass necklace from Accessorize


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4 Responses to Feeling Autumnal

  1. Amy CT says:

    I really want some lovely new jumpers! My wardrobe needs a seriously over-haul!

  2. Susan says:

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE the military inspired Primark jumper!

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  4. Nikki says:

    You look so cute in pinafores, they really suit you 🙂 love that you matched it with bright tights!

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