Staff wanted at British Stlye Bloggers

As I’m sure you’re all well aware by now I’m Sub-editor of BSB, as well as that I also for the most part control recruitment.

Staff photo, myself, Amy and one of our columnists Florrie

While we have lots of coloumnists who we love and constant applications to guest blog we’ve decided its time to recruit other members of the team to help us out, as I’m running this side of things I thought I would share it on here too.

Application information for all positions is listed at the bottom of the page. We’re sorry, but we cannot offer any financial incentives for staff at this present time. We are after all mere students!

Currently Hunting Out –


We’re looking for a Features Editor to take charge of guest writers for monthly ebooks.You will be responsible for a team of writers compiling articles on a range of (mostly fashion-based) topics for an international audience. Work will include proof-reading and selecting content, as well as helping with the recruitment and selection of new writers.

Work from home, 2 hrs/week on average (more towards the end of the month). Permanent position. Would suit student looking towards a career in journalism.


We’re looking for an Editorial Assistant to work with the current editorial team on a range of projects.

Work MAY include:

– PR
– Writing
– Editing and selecting content
– Running features
– Scheduling
– Assisting with the Community
– running a team of interns

Please express preferences from the above list in your application.

Work from home, 2 hrs/week on average. Permanent position. Would suit student looking for valuable experience.


We’re looking for writers interested in creating fresh content to feature within them, as well as the work provided by our regular columnists.

Good experience for any would-be writers, and provides excellent exposure for your blog!

Writers may be offered permanent placements.


We’re looking for interns to work one, one-and-a-half or two months at a time, from home, in the coming months. Work to include varied writing assignments, editorial assistance, and PR, for example. Good computer skills including Word essential – the broader your scope, the better!

Work from home, 3 hours/week (average). Would suit student looking for a range of references – which we will be happy to give, and sparkling ones, too!

How to apply –

If you are interested in any of the positions listed above, please click HERE to email me, including a CV and/or writing sample and/or reference. The more you provide us with, the more likely we are to see you as our best option!

Note- please use the email linked to in this post only as that is my BSB address


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