Sunday smile

Bonjour my darlings, hope your bank holiday weekend is going well. Mine is very chilled and relaxed, best way.  The next week shall be a fairly packed one so I’m in bed today. Lets get on with the smiling ey?

Starting off with things that will always be funny Mean Girls is possibly the most quotable movie ever but over the past fortnight myself, Florrie, Amy and Sarah have become obsessed with Mean Girl crossover meme’s. The funniest of all has to be Harry potter. To find Mean girls and your favourite fandom just search “Mean Girls fandom”(put name of show/film/band in the bit that says fandom obviously)

The fashion industry mourned another loss this week,

Corinne Day the amazing photographer who plucked La Moss from obscurity passed away following a battle with a brain tumour. she will be greatly missed but her influence will live on.

My lovely friend Carla has started a blog selling some of her clothes and cosmetics, If you read her blog you’ll know she has some gorgeous things. Messy Carla Sells will be selling clothes ranging from just four pound! So get in quick ladies.

A lot of girls since they were very little have planned their big day, I know I have- all I need is the hubby! But what if the frills and traditionalism isn’t for you? Well that’s where the Rock ‘ Roll Bride blog comes in. Whilst browsing the blog I found Candace and Taylors punk rock wedding

I love that Candace chose a dress which showed off her full sleeve tattoo and that they both dressed to suit their style. you can view more pictures here

Every once in a while I hark back tot the music of my teenage years and start listening to songs I loved then; step forward No Doubt, RHCP, Green Day, Blink 182 and Amy Studt (Yeah I went through the pop punk rock phase, who’d have thunk it) And while I wasn’t born in the days of Blondie I’ve really began to appreciate Debbie Harry and their music

One way or another was always my favourite by them, this is from 1979 so it’s not the best quality but look at Miss Harry’s dress, so simple and so gorgeous.

It’s coming to the end of Fairytale month at BSB and nearly time for our Birthday Ebook to launch- I proofed it yesterday and I really hope you all love it as much as I do- but before that Amy gave us some advice on what we need to be a princess for a day

Be a Princess for a day…

– have the most beautiful dress, and jewels, and tiara…
– have your glass slippers, because you SHALL go to the ball
– have true love, everlasting, if only on a ring
– have the prettiest scent from the coolest designer
– and make sure you have your red apple with you, so that you can beat every wicked witch who comes your way at her own game!

Next week is going to be rather full one so what is making you smile?


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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