Just six little life changing words

I wanted to tell you all today about the newest TWLOHA project, the organisation is a one very close to my heart, some of you may know I have the words “Remember the stars” tattooed on my left arm. But first I’ll show you my new dress I think

Yesterday afternoon I went shopping with my sister and cousin. They’re both two years younger than me and have very different style to me too. I took them in their first ever vintage shop and they were far from impressed. However they both agreed that this dress was very my style. I love the collar and bow detail

I teamed it with these bow detail tights, but once more I am still in flats. The leg is slowly getting better though which couldn’t happen too soon.

And this is my hair and accessories for today. A lazy bones hairstyle or a chic chignon? You decide!  The pearls have a little birdy on them and the big old cameo ring has a butterfly within it’s blooms. Adds a bit of a nice touch to this otherwise formal dress, I think.

I wasn’t especially fond of the above photograph, after trying on a few ill fitting outfits my self doubt had gotten the better of me and I had convinced myself that I looked disgusting. But I posted it to prove that all my flaws are in my own head, the scariest place there can be for a recovering depressive, self harmer or addict.

Which is where To Write Love On Her Arms comes in, the organisation helps those in need and more than anything provides hope to those who feel lost and alone during difficult times in their lives. Their latest venture has seen them team up with Smith Magazine, famed now for allowing readers to submit their six word stories on various subjects or to portray their feelings. So now those who have came out the other end or are still battling can share their stories in just six words. I thought I knew what I would write straight away but thinking about it; these mere six words could inspire or open someone’s eyes give them the hope that they are not lost or mean people actually reach out to you.

Mine is below

I don’t want my story to be interpreted wrongly, it does not mean that what I did was a good thing in the slightest, only that it allowed me to completely rebuild my life. And in turn with that TWLOHA did help change my life, after realising my dreams it helped me see that I could actually achieve them if I worked hard enough. And Im sure you all know I have and I will continue to. You can submit your own six word stories here


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One Response to Just six little life changing words

  1. Amy CT says:

    Yours are so poignant and wonderful, and full of hope… mine were so down and hidden. I guess I still have a lot to work on, then 🙂 xx

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