Florals with Florrie and the York buys

After our trip to London in May myself and Amy started Florals for Florrie. A feature which lasted a month before we both got stuck in a floral rut. But last weekend we finally got to do Florals with Florrie. We took to Monsoon in York and each found an outfit full of blooms

All image by Sarah and Florrie

  1. Sarah in the Kerry print dress and Teddy Embellished cardigan
  2. Becky in the Keira print dress
  3. Myself in  the Geisha Digital maxi dress
  4. Florrie in the Tabitha tea dress
  5. Amy in the long sleeved Glastonbury dress.

A few notes about the dresses; I never thought I would wear a maxi dress but with my waist belt I loved it. Amy’s dress was actually from the children’s section as both her and Sarah can still fit into them on the top half at least. Sarah was crowned winner as her outfit is very 1940’s reminiscent, but you can vote for your favourite on Sarah’s blog (purely for fun!)

I also did a bit of shopping whilst in York, only a little bit though

I’ve been after a business card holder for ages as I usually forget them when they’re needed. I got this adorable one from Cath Kidston

I don’t usually buy big chunky rings but I think the peacock feathers detail in this one adds femininity to it. It’s from Accesorize.

This lovely Paris inspired mirror is also from Accesorize.

In more exciting news; BSB is getting a grown up makeover and changes are already being made so be sure to keep checking the site

Rachel Phipps has also made us some lovely new badges, we’re currently working on the codes and members of BSB and BOTM winners will be also to have them for their own blog.

Sidenote- Just a reminder that the Fiorelli bag from mybag.com giveaway was closed last week and the winner has been announced and notified, so I would really appreciate if readers could stop retweeting the tweet to win on twitter as all it does is clog up my feed.

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One Response to Florals with Florrie and the York buys

  1. Amy CT says:

    That was so much fun 🙂 x

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