Happy birthday British Style Bloggers

So yesterday was a very exciting day, myself and Carla travelled from Newcastle to York where we met Amy, Sarah, Florrie and Becky and all because British Style Bloggers was 1 year old!

Me and Amy were sure to point out from the beginning that whilst it was a bloggers meet up it was essentially a child’s birthday party. This was backed up by the party bag’s amy had lovingly created, a picnic in the park, pass the parcel, and something whichI will got onto very soon

Posing before the picnic

The elitist’s as we were dubbed. Shortly after I was also proclaimed “the most northern person ever” thanks to Becky.

Amy, Becky and Carla. The sun really had it’s hat on too.

Because I knew Amy had bought us magic wands I found my fairy wings. I’ve been informed that this image including my bottom is going to be this months BSB Ebook cover


Even it though it’s August we had a secret santa, Becky bought for me and I got pretty London pegs, now I need some bunting for them to go on hmmm.

Onto the funniest part of the day

As you might’ve just spotted we had a twister mat, unfortunately we didn’t had a spinner so I sat and shouted the colours and body parts. This was an amazing game of twister and as Florrie and Sarah we’re both equally agile they were both declared the winner!

After we had ashamed ourselves enough we went back into York city centre, Carla met up with some friends and we went in search of ice cream

The ice cream scoops were huge though, it was all nearly gone by the time of this picture though

Then we did what we do best- shop of course!

Back in May me and Amy decided to start Florals For Florrie as she is renowned for her love of florals. Well yesterday we got to play Florals With Florrie. But that shall be in tomorrows post, along with my buys.

We stepped into Florrie’s brain AKA the Cath Kidston shop and decided we wanted to live there. Florrie had a minor obsession with the Squirrels in the park so we got her a Squirrel Nutkin.

These are mine and Amy’s babies, aren’t they beautiful, personally I think they have my eyes.

After yet more shopping and Becky had to leave- bless her for travelling all the way up from London- we went to starbucks for a “board meeting”

Now for the slushy part

I want to say a huge thank you to all the girls for coming and to those who helped us organise it when myself and Amy had turned into babbling messes. Thanks to Florrie and Becky for being absolutely lovely to not only come so far but to just laugh along with our strange moments. And of course thank you to Amy, because well if you hadn’t let me intern I wouldn’t have met such amazing people or came on as much as I have. Oh and to Sarah who I fully trust to take care of my David Tennant Boxset and Carla for bringing out the worst in me!

The girls’ blogs are as follows

I shall leave you with the video diary of our day. Luckily in some parts there are translations for me!

Photos are everyone else’s, not mine at all.


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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  2. Leia says:

    Gorgeous pictures! It looks like you had such a fun time 🙂

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