Dressing for your mood

In the past few days I’ve noticed a lot about my style, not only that it’s influenced but that it can influence my mood. Sound familiar? No, let me explain then

On Saturday my left leg became more painful than ever, so to support it I wore the one pair of jeans I own. They’re black skinnies so are at least still a bit feminine I thought. this is me in said pair at the beginning of the year

This was used for BSB’s body image campaign so surely they’ll still make me feel good right? Wrong, see body image season (January-march) was the last time I’d worn jeans so wearing them again felt strange, almost alien. I felt that I wasn’t dressed appropriately , even for going shopping and to see my cousin and felt self concious all day.

The next day I was having a pretty lazy day but felt a bit down so to cheer myself up I put on some of my favourite pieces. I ended up wearing an Alice themed vest, queen of hearts leggings, Animal from the Muppets jumper and pearls.

It was quite a silly sight but it made me smile; the jumper is the cosiest thing I own, the Alice items made me feel a bit childish in a good way and the pearls just added the girly touch for me.

In practically every outfit I put together I always try and include pearls, whether it be full string of them or just little stud earrings.

In my ever changing world pearls are the one beautiful thing that I know will bring a sense of normality to everything. They’re girly and elegant, can make a statement whilst being the most simplest of accessories. To me these little touches speak volumes.

So what about you? Which type of clothing can make your day turn dark and what can you throw on from your wardrobe to brighten it up again?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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