The Next Big Event’s 1940’s Victory Celebrations

So as regular readers may know I was invited to a 1940’s day last saturday ran by The Next Big Event-a little company which organises pop-up events around the Newcastle and the North East. I recieved some images this morning so I thought now was the right time to share my experience with you all.

The celebrations consisted of two events, afternoon tea and victory dinner both of which I was lucky to get an invite to. I brought the lovely Carla along aswell as I knew it was right up her street too.

I wore a blue polkadot dress which was from Primark, (can you believe it?!) back seamed tights and heeled brogues. How fabulous is Carla’s hair? By her own admission she’s known for her big straight bob so we both swamped do’s for the day. I attempted a victory roll at the front but it didn’t go that great.

The event took place in St Nicholas Church hall which was the perfect setting, there were 1940’s memorabilia everywhere from war time cookery pamphlets to the record player by the piano. The afternoon tea was unlike anything I’ve ever been to, mismatched china, little finger sandwiches and cupcakes. It was quite an intimate affair too which I think was my favourite thing about it all.

Half of the table

The girls did a fantastic job as far as my dietry needs were concerned (I’m a Ceoliac) and as well as my own platter of sandwiches I also had gluten free muffins and chocolate covered strawberries.

There was an onion prize- literally an onion, that was a lot in those days as Hannah told us we didn’t have them in England for around seven years- for the best dressed person

And it went to this land girl, she really looked the part with her headscarf and old cords.

We had a three hour interval in between the afternoon tea and dinner so myself and Carla made a quick trip into town for a cold beverage or two, we attracted quite a few confused looks and silly questions from taxi drivers which we easily took in our elegant ladylike stride.

From Carla’s Twitter, the glasses on my head are from Heidi Seeker and were on top of my head for most of the day.

After the earlier event we were especially excited for the night time and it definately lived up to expectations.

Again we were on a communal table and were seated next to Katie and Kay of Pet Lamb Patisserie, Katie also has the foodie blog Katie Cakes which I am already in love with. For dinner we recieved a “ration menu” and we chose Potted Crab and pickled cabbage for starter, I’d never tried crab before so was a bit nervous but it was delicious.

Image from Katie Cakes

For the main course it was Braised Rabbit in Cider with potatoes, this time Carla had never tried Rabbit before so I was pleased that she liked it. Desert was even more delicious- Patriotic Pudding, which was essentially a trifle with fresh berries, jelly and sponge (not in my case though), custard and cream.

The lovely Nicola of NBE

After the food and a few glasses of our chosen tipple were consumed (Note The Next Big Event parties are bring your own alcohol events as the focus is on the experience) it was time for a spot of Lindy Hop-ping Taught by Swung Eight. It was so fun and I’m proud to report that I did pick it up quite well

So all in all a fantastic day was had, it really made me wish that things like tea dances still existed, it was all so magical. If it’s possible the day made me love the era even more.

Majority of images are from The Next Big Event 1940’s page unless otherwise stated. You can also join their facebook group and follow them on twitter


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3 Responses to The Next Big Event’s 1940’s Victory Celebrations

  1. Leia says:

    It looks like such a fun event! I love the way everyone was dressed up (and your blue dress is sooo pretty!)

  2. Katie says:

    What a lovely post! Was wonderful to meet you guys 🙂

    Katie xox

  3. Abbie says:

    Looks like absolutely great fun! This is right up my street! great post xx

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