Factory Girl

It’s not often I channel iconic muses in my outfits so when I do they deserve to be posted. For shopping and a family lunch I wore this:

I got this red pinafore and sheer and stripes top underneath from the vintage show I went to a couple of months ago. I of course wore pearls and I adore this heart bracelet at the minute.

It really reminded me of Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick

After I realised this I thought I would try a short do, I mainly pinned it back and back-combed it

It didn’t quite go as planned and I left it naturally curly as I love it that way.

My favourite part of my outfit though was my patterned tights

They were from Matalan and were quite cheap. You may also notice that I’m flat shoes for  a change, this was not of my own choice; last week I felt a twinge in my left leg when I walked and since then and with the Lindy Hopping on Saturday it has gotten worse and I now have a limp. Sunderland is such a funny place that I got more perplexed looks for my leg-wear than I did for the less than cool pimp limp I had going.

Side-note: I will soon be hoping to start a new feature on the blog named How do I wear…? in which I will be answering your style questions so whether you would like advice on an outfit for a wedding or unsure of how to work a new trend please get in touch you can leave all questions in my Tumblr ask box


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One Response to Factory Girl

  1. Sarah says:

    I must say, that dress is VERY Twiggy. I mean, it is very similar to the on she wore at the height of her career in ’67. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f1/Twiggy_promo.jpg

    And I love the fact that you ‘of course’ wore pearls, as if that was merely stating the obvious. *hugs*

    But (I only mean this as an observance, not as a critque), but I think that the tights are slightly more 80’s than 60’s, that’s all. But then again this is the 10’s! We can mix and match any era we like! That’s the beauty of it!

    Lots of love, Sarah xx

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