Sunday smile

Good afternoon mon cherie’s. I’m a little bit hungover today but happy none the less.  My life is slowly getting exciting again. But when I say slowly I mean S-L-O-W-L-Y. but a lot of things have been making my week good, lets dive in ey?

I had my college induction this week and although it was quite boring it’s brought me closer to my end goal. I’ve also took the first step with my UCAS application. Just making bullet poits about all the experience I have towards the course made me realise how much I have achieved this year.

On friday I went to the cinema with my cousin B to see Inception. I’ve been wanting to see it for a while now and wasn’t disappointed; the acting, storyline and directing was all genius. The story wasn’t actually as hard to follow as I expected and I loved it. I also really enjoyed a night out with my cousin, dressing up and just having fun without alcohol.

Nails time! This Thursday I stayed with the red but went even deeper, it’s almost vampy so I called it True Blood red.

Yesterday was of course the 1940’s victory tea then dinner party hosted by The Next Big Event

It was such a magical day, from having to travel by public transport in my outfit to learning how to Lindy Hop. I will be doing a big post all about it when I receive the photos.

My brilliant friend Ems started up her own blog this week, Fingerstaches and Sons is all about her passions Jewellery, geekery and music all written with her unique slant on life.

This week Emma Watson caused a big stir by chopping off her famous Hermoine locks. Emma says that she had wanted to do it for years but her contract with the Harry Potter series meant she had to keep her hair long. I think it’s fantastic, she missed out on a lot of things in her teenage years and a big drastic haircut is one thing you never forget. I went from long tresses to a graduated bob when I was 18 and I havent looked back. I think Emma really suits the pixie crop, it really accentuates her facial features.

Leia of Leia’s Delights did a great vlog on privacy in the blogsphere. It has took me a while to put into place the boundaries which I think are necessary, and although I have made lasting friendships with alot of bloggers you can’t assume everyone is your friend. I remember reading that you should never write anything on the internet that you wouldn’t want your gran reading so that’s pretty much the rule I stick with on this blog.

Tomorrow is my first driving lesson which I’m slowly becoming more nervous about. Also don’t forget you can still be in with the chance of winning a beautiful Fiorelli bag courtesy of by clicking here


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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One Response to Sunday smile

  1. Leia says:

    Happy Sunday! Loving this post (and thanks so much for the mention!) I like what you said about not posting anything that you wouldn’t show to your gran; it’s a good rule to abide by. Someone else said not to post anything that you wouldn’t mind sharing with a complete stranger. It’s hard to set the boundaries because you *want* to share personal things with your blog-friends, but it’s just much safer to keep an eye on the information you post, because not all people are as nice as you might think!

    Also, I love your nails and I’m dying to see Inception! Have a lovely rest of the day xx

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