The Lottie Loves Finishing School- D is for Dreams

You may remember that the lovely Lottie is running her own Finishing school on her blog, I so far have been a bad student but when I read this fortnights assignment I had to join in

Lottie Loves…Finishing School

The A-Z of how to be Feminine and Fabulous

This Week’s Challenge

This week I want you tell me about your dreams.  Perhaps you’ve never voiced your dream before, perhaps you think it sounds ridiculous and unattainable.  Perhaps you think a miracle is more likely to happen so what’s the point in even mentioning it. What is your big dream? What do you dream about doing in five, ten, fifteen years time? In your widlest fantasies (keep it clean ladies!) what do you see yourself achieving? Do you long for a certain type of family life? Do you yearn to be running your own business? Do you wish to be a ballet dancer/pop star/zoo keeper? Do you want to look a certain way? Do you want to be a lawyer/brain surgeon/scientist? Do you dream of having a yoga fit slim, toned body? Are you healthy? In love?

So here goes I guess;

I’ve never really shared my dreams before, a lot of time for fear they would be shot down. And it’s only this past year I have truly realised what I wanted to do with my life and what my dreams are. Ever since I was in school I loved to write articles, it’s going to sound really geeky but I’d pull out pages from Mizz on big events and rewrite them in a style I thought was more hard hitting and easier for the public to let into their hearts. I always wanted to send these to Mizz but never had the courage. As I got older I realised how tough a business journalism was so locked that dream up in the back of my mind.

In my experience it’s truly when everything does crumble around you that you can rebuild your life and finally go after your dreams. It was November last year via twitter that I realised I wanted to work in Fashion, I followed alot of designers writers and influential people after all. I also almost instantly knew that I didn’t want to design, I enjoyed it as a hobbie but since GCSE textiles I had always been slightly wary of the design world (silly analogy I know but pfft) It seemed the other option was to start a blog, I loved writing articles right? But would I be any good once I put my two passions together? Or would I end up like Andi in The Devil Wears Prada?

You can make your own conclusion as to the asnswer but for me I have the best answer I ever could have; a direction in life. I know now that my dream is to be a fashion writer, after 10 months my love for fashion and making my opinion heard is still going strong and that’s how I want to put my talent to good use. I would love to head up a body image campaign unlike any other which does not discriminate anyone for being too big or small; myself and Amy CT started this with Nature Made Us Beautiful and we plan to start it up again really soon.

I know that I’ve already started making my dream come to me by starting my own blog, working with British Style Bloggers and applying to college but I’ve still such a long way to go.

I also dream of:

  • going to University
  • actually moving out of my parents’ home
  • learning to drive
  • studying abroad, who knows maybe Paris, Milan or even New York

I know my dreams wont be handed to me on a platter but I’m finally lucky enough to be in a place now where I can honestly believe that I do deserve good things in my life and will not let them slip through my fingers

ps I now realise how silly that Mizz mag story was, eek!


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One Response to The Lottie Loves Finishing School- D is for Dreams

  1. Lottie says:

    Lovely post! I’m so glad you joined it. I don’t think the Mizz story is silly, it’s always bizarre to find where our dreams have emanated from as kids. I’m sure all of your dreams will come true, afterall, it only takes you to make them happen. Good Luck!!! Xxxx

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