Reviving your love affair with Fashion

Today’s post is a guest slot (I think this week may officially be known as guesting week), this time from Rachael Miller of I just want to point out that I was not pressurised to post this. Today Rachael’s giving us some money saving techniques, just what I need!

The recession has changed many people’s habits when it comes to fashion.  Back in the times of frivolous lending, borrowing and splurging, I wouldn’t think twice about spending a considerable amount on a pair of shoes or the latest handbag- they were essentials back then.  Now, however, with the prices of near enough everything increasing I’m finding it difficult to part with my cash on such items.  My head now leads over my heart, yet I still love fashion and want to keep up to date with the latest trends.  So how do I strike the balance of buying the latest fashion and not breaking the bank?  Here are a few tips, brought to you by the Vouchers team at…

Use vouchers

The vouchers market is growing by the day- companies are trying their hardest to get customers through their doors- whether it be on the high street or through cyber space check-outs.  Before you purchase anything, check to see if there is a voucher you can use for that store to get a discount and save some money.  You can also get offers such as free delivery and BOGOFs to use online, so also check for any relevant voucher codes before you make an online purchase.

Vintage/charity shops

If you’re a bit of an individual and don’t want to conform to the masses, vintage and charity shops are the way forward.  If you have the time, take the time to have a good search through charity shops for clothes in your size- which are likely to be very cheap. Most charity shops will only put out quality goods, so don’t think that you won’t find anything that is worth buying.  Charity shops are brilliant for finding one-off pieces that none of your friends are going to have.  Vintage shops are kind of the same, but can be more expensive than a charity shop.  If you’ve got a bigger budget, have a look in your local vintage store to grab some fantastic pieces.

Customise your own clothes

This is a cheap and cheerful way to create one-off pieces– and a great way to express yourself.  Buy cheap vests, t-shirts and book bags and decorate them with sequins, ribbons and buttons to make them your own.  This is bound to be cheaper than buying one and you’ll be the only person in the world to have one.  Take yourself down to your local arts and crafts shop or haberdashery and pick up a selection of decorations and get customising!
Subscribe to newsletters

If you have a favourite fashion retailer, be sure to sign up to their newsletter.  Most retailers will send a weekly/monthly newsletter featuring the new styles/designs that will be hitting the shops within the next month or so, and it’s likely that they will send you exclusive offers via email that you can either print off or use online.  This not only works for fashion, but also for restaurants and days out discounts.  Even though your inbox will be a little fuller, it’s worth taking a look at what your favourite shops have to offer for their subscribers.


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