Frightened of Fashion- guest post by Laddered tights

Today’s guest post comes from a friend of mine Louise. After being shot to stardom with the success of #louisehendyday on twitter Louise finally decided to start her own fashion Blog; Laddered tights. Over to you, Hendy…

Frightened of Fashion

The other day I went into town and as I was walking around the high street and shopping centre I thought that something didn’t really seem right. It seemed that since I returned from my holiday, a lot of the Preston public seemed to have forgotten how to dress well.
I mean, I’m not saying people can’t wear whatever they want or what they feel comfortable in but the outfits I saw confused me quite a lot.

Usually, I walk around town and I see a good number of really fashionable people and I usually find myself just staring at them like a gawping goldfish. My first stop when I go to town is always Primark and it started there. I realise that clashing prints are in fashion and for some people it works really well.

The City’s Whitney Port looks amazing here mixing her crisp striped jacked with floaty florals.
However, I saw one lady in Primark in head to toe tie dye and it was just so very wrong. I remember being in love with tie dye at one point… though in my defence, I was 7! She took clashing colours and prints to a whole new level and Gok would have been so unimpressed if he had seen that.

I later saw a couple of people looking at a top which a strange greeny-brown colour, which I imagine if worn with the right things, could probably look really nice. However, I noticed that they had also picked up a pair leggings… of the exact same colour as the top and they were putting them together to see what they looked like AND thought it looked good. I really wanted to intervene at this point but I thought maybe that was a bit rude. I, thankfully, never saw them actually wearing this “outfit” but I have this vision of them wearing it and it would just be so dull and… –shudder-

Anyhow, my trip around town didn’t seem to get any better when walking around and looking at people’s outfits and then I remembered my friend saying that she wanted to go out wearing her dress but she didn’t feel like she could if she was just going to Preston. Now myself, I always wear dresses and skirts and I usually dress like it’s summer all year round and I guess I do gain some odd looks sometimes especially when it comes to my tights collection but I really could not care less. I like dressing nicely to go out shopping or something, it makes me feel better about myself and that’s what fashion is all about really – feeling good in what you wear.

It seems as though people are frightened of wearing what they really want because they are paranoid of other people and I hate that people think like that. People don’t seem to think they can wear a dress during the day because they think dresses are a going out at night outfit so they end up living in jeans and plain tee’s.
It ‘s okay for celebrities to go out shopping wearing lovely clothes and getting their heels on so why should it be any different for the rest of us. They are just people too and I’m sure if anybody gave them a “funny look” for wearing a dress during the day it wouldn’t make them want to put on something else to blend in with the majority.
I also have a feeling that behind those looks that people give is actually a bit of jealousy. If everyone could be more accepting over people’s fashion choices then I think that this fear of wanting to stand out a little could be eradicated and as a whole, people would have a lot more confidence which I think is lacking at the moment, especially with people my age.

Thanks for reading!

– Louise


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One Response to Frightened of Fashion- guest post by Laddered tights

  1. ladderedtights says:

    “After being shot to stardom with the success of #louisehendyday on twitter” :’) LOL I love it!
    Glad I could help. Hope everyone liked this 🙂 xx

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