The cluny craft market- AKA Rach and Carla get lost in Byker

Morning, yesterday myself and Carla took ourselves off to the Cluny in Newcastle for a lovely craft fair. Getting there proved to be a trek though as neither of us particularly know that side of the water. Not being funny but Byker isn’t really the nicest area of Newcastle. We had a hard time trying to find someone who looked approachable (ie fashionable) to ask for directions but in the end got a taxi which was a good idea apart from the severe coming onto we got from the driver but it was all in good fun.

Carla may hate me for this bit but my favourite quote was when we’d wandered onto the high street and she exclaimed

“ooo that shops the same colour scheme as me blog…. bet it’s a crack house”

I feel like I’m sounding like a snob now so I’ll stop dissing Byker (GO! byker, byker grooove- you know you were dying to sing it) onto the craft fair, this tells you all you need to know

We met some lovely designers and saw some stunning jewellery and textiles pieces.

Some of the designers there were

  • Emma Louise Originals– she makes pendants out of Postage stamps and wooden scrabble tiles, see lower down
  • Rule Brittania – Britania is a yank so loved when we wished her happy 4th July, her jewelleryis all made from reclaimed vintage things, I wanted everything!
  • Tara Scholes Jewellery Design– lovely image based jewellery
  • Mia Design– sells beautiful textiles pieces all inspired by her adorable daughter Mia
  • BOBU Couture– a stall absolutely covered in Suffolk Puffs- heaven.
  • Little Miss Delicious– Carla is seriously addicted to her shop and I soon learnt why, such kooky stuff!

As I just mentioned I couldnt resist a postage stamp necklace from Emma Louise Originals

The one I bought is almost identical to this, I loved the idea of having a stamp around my neck!

I fell in love with Mia Design as she’d brought her muse with her, the lovely Mia who I believe was 7. She was telling me about how she loved drawing bunnies, birds and flowers and her Mum made them into lovely things. Well I couldn’t resist buying anything after that!

I bought two Suffolk Puff hair grips, see my last post for the addiction

Click the image to read Carla’s account of events and to see what she bought.

If you missed the fab event yesterday you can check out the opening of Made in Newcastle a fantastic new pop-up shop/ creative space showcasing some of the north east’s best crafts on Nunn Street. The launch is Saturday the 11th and promises to be an unmissable event with a swap shop, doodle jam and fashion show. More info can be found on the MiN blog. If you’re going to go along let me know because we’ll be there! But seriously it’s such a worthy cause because NE designers don’t nearly get as much recognition as they deserve.

I would do an Eclipse post as I went to see that with my family last night but I was rather underwhelmed, that’ll be an hour of my life I’d like back please Meyer. I mean yes I knew what I was expecting and I think I’ve been suffocated with gorgeous vampire stories and shows but still. My poor dad went purely because my mam had convinced there was some action in it. Disappointed on alot of levels. I did however L-O-V-E Jackson Rathbone as Jasper even more, his acting during his flashback scene was probably the most believeable in my opinion. That and his texan accent makes my knees weak!


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5 Responses to The cluny craft market- AKA Rach and Carla get lost in Byker

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  2. It was lovely to meet you at the weekend and I’m glad you like your pendant! Emma Louise

  3. Rachel says:

    thank you Emma, it was lovely chatting to you. I adore my pendant x

  4. Hi,

    Glad you had such a wonderful time and liked our members products sooo much – Great feature – Thanks!


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