July’s Top UK Fashion Bloggers- WHOAH

1 Face Hunter (=)
2 Style Bubble (=)
3 Style Salvage (+5)
4 Yvan Rodic (-1)
6 Red Carpet Style Awards (-1)
7 Park & Cube (-1)
8 Gem Fatale’s Style Blog (+9)
9 Vanessa Jackman (+2)
10 HiFashion (+2)
11 Catwalk Queen (-4)
12 Disneyrollergirl (-3)
13 My Fashion Life (+3)
14 Kingdom Of Style (-4)
15 SOS! Save Our Shoes (+4)
16 SHOWstudio (+2)
17 Shoewawa (+6)
18 PolkaDot Stripes (+7)
20 Mademoiselle Robot (-6)

Ranking by Wikio

I was over the moon to read this today! My lovely bloggery friends Leia and Sherin of Hifashion always recieve the rankings a few days early so these aren’t due to be published until the 5th (Monday). What I was most shocked about was that in June I ranked 25th. Being the naff blogger I am I rarely check Wikio but last time I checked I wasn’t ranked so it feels so good to know that people are liking what I write.

Also this week the blog reached 20,000 views which made me so happy! So to all my friends who have believed in me, readers for sticking around and boutiques and other bloggers for helping me out


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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