It’s vintage Deer!

Over the last few weeks I have tried my hardest to cut back on shopping apart from basics and vintage one offs. The latter me and my Mother both agreed on the latter as (a you never know when you’ll come across the same piece again and (b they’re timeless so I will wear them forever (slight exaggeration)

The other week I discovered a lovely vintage and handmade specialist boutique;

Click image to visit site

Looking around the site I found so much that I loved about it the soft colours, mixture of vintage and handmade and definitely how affordable everything is!

I found this vintage brooch and fell in love, since making my 50’s inspired piece for college brooches and corsages have become my favourite thing but my love for pearls is also quite well known too. And it was only £4!

I want to thank the lovely Jade from the site who also let me choose something else

I picked this beautiful vintage 50’s/60’s handbag, I love the rutched detail of the front but my favourite part is the latch

Its a lovely golden shell

To me vintage bags tell a story, a piece of a time gone by. My Nana always says that a Audrey Hepburn could’ve owned my bags but that’s purely down to the style. I can see a woman making herself up just to do the shopping with this bag proudly dangling from the crook of her elbow- which is just how I use it now, yet I’m not quite that elegant and sophisticated

I would really recommend Little Deer, aswell as being on twitter they have a blog too.


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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