Find your motivation

Today is National Motivation Day in Britain, this is a day for us to work out and praise the things and people that inspire and motivate us in our lives, be it in our careers, our love lives, our lifestyle. But most importantly it’s about remembering the things we have to motivate us in darker times.

So I thought I would share what motivates me with you all.

I’m a pretty determined person at the best of times, but what fuels me to succeed the most is when someone tells me I can’t do it, either due to health restraints or because they doubt me. Either way once someone scoffs my plans or ideas I can’t help but have to prove them wrong. I’m not going to start a big “I was bullied at school, chose the wrong friends and had a bad relationship” preech but I do think these all had something to do with it. If someone tells you for long enough that you’re ugly or stupid or won’t ever achieve your dreams you start to believer them. But over time you realise that all these people were so very wrong and you fight to never be sucked in like that again, well atleast that’s my reasoning.

I feel that in the blogsphere it is far too easy to dish out negative criticism as there is of course always the option of appearing anonymous. One piece of advice I would definitely give a new blogger is don’t let one hater get you down, for every nasty person there are 3 willing to defend you and/or your writing.

Some times you have to accept that some dreams are too far-fetched but not everything. This always reminds me of a lyric from Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked

I’m through accepting limits, cos someone say’s there so.
Some things I cannot change, but till I try I’ll never know

Other than that though I am also motivated by:

  • my family and friends actually physically telling me get off my backside
  • reading success stories of people in similar situations to me
  • the elegance of the 50’s
  • sewing really allows me time to think so I can get my head together and plan my hour/day/week/month/year
  • My spotify playlist- it has everything from The Foundations to Adam Lambert and back again, each song meaning something special to me.

So what motivates you? Are you the same as me as far as negative criticism goes?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to Find your motivation

  1. Sarah says:

    Rachel don’t hit/hurt me! Amy and I shall be seeing Wicked tomorrow, we booked the tickets just now. Sorry! We’re going to scream now :’D

  2. Rachel says:

    Still so jealous Sazz

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