Bow ties are cool

I have been meaning to do this for the whole of the current series of Doctor Who so here it is now, better late than never.

I officially love the new doctor and Amy Pond. I know when David Tennant left I was vowing that a little bit of my love for the show had died too and that no-one could replace his doctor, but well I’ve changed my mind ok?! Matt Smith completely made the part his own, you can see how much he adores his job and he pulls off the crazy genius quite well. And of course there is the Doctor’s outfit, gone is the tenth Doctors laid back cool suit and converse

Tweed, braces and a bow ties, he looks like a reall uncool music teacher right? Wrong. This is cool, bow ties are cool.

But in real life both of them are incredibly fabulously dressed too, I’m just going to post a few pictures of Karen to display how much I wish I had her wardrobe and looks

The good news is that both of them are back at christmas! And if you needed further proof of how cool matt smith is watch this video of him on stage at Glastonbury performing and electro version of the Doctor Who theme tune with Orbital


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