It’s all in the detail

This weekend we’re having a little family get together in my local pub as my Great Aunt and Uncle are visiting from Peterborough, my uncle is originally from Barbados though with means there will no doubt be alot of rum consumed in the coming days! Even though it’s only the local I always like getting my gladrags on when they come visit, so I went shopping today. Instead of showing you the whole outfit now I thought I’d show you the details because theyre what really make the outfit- that and I know there will be a lot of photo’s took tomorrow- so here we go

This is the kitty pattern on my pale pink skirt, it’s from Matalan

My top from New look has the most gorgeous flower corsage on it made with silk with pearls dangling from the centre- where were you when I needed inspiration for my college corsage?!

I found this Pearl bracelet with a elegant flower corsage on it whilst in Matalan before I’d even thought of having a vest vest with a corsage on too, but hopefully they’ll go well together.

this is actually a really bad picture but my shoes are 4 inch heels with patterned lace all over. They were from ASOS about 2 years ago.

All ogether I think it will look quite 50’s inspired

In other news it’s the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death today, not wishing to speak ill of the dead I will keep my opinions to myself but I thought I’d share my favourite MJ song with you all


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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