The sun has got his shoes on

One thing I often struggle with in the summer is footwear. I adore wearing heels but when my ankles swell heels make my feet ache and I’ve never been a fan of flip flops and I think this video by Bangs and a Bun explains my feelings towards them perfectly

I feel like at the minute I live in flat ballet pump style shoes so I needed more options, I wish I had the bank balance to go to a high quality shoe maker shop but as I don’t I went to Primark

I love brogues, it’s no secret. They ooze 50’s style with that slightly masculine touch too, though I think these white ones are more ladylike and summer than the black ones I also own.

They’re in a much worse condition now though, so may have to go in the bin *sob*

Gladiator sandals are ten a penny this season and to be honest I don’t like a lot of the styles as they’re very urban looking. I love these ones though as they’re almost gladiators verging on old man sandals.

Now I know Primark gets a lot of stick for the quality of their products but at the prices they are you can afford to replace them when needed.

I will ofcourse still be trying to get into my heels when I can, don’t you dare try and stop me!


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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