Sunday smile

Hello my darlings, I must once again apologise if you follow me on twitter as it hasn’t been a pretty site the last few days.

You may remember that me and Amy CT took our campaign Nature Made Us Beautiful to some very important people in London. Unfortunately we heard on friday that they hadn’t picked us for their site and tv show to follow. I did take it particularly hard but please don’t worry, we’re both ok and we won’t be stopping the campaign. Just give us time to adjust and finish college and such. But we’re still massively proud and happy we got to take it to London and here’s the video once again of our day

Another BSB related thing is we are nearing our first birthday so we’re having a meet up party in York for all members. All the details can be found on the Facebook Event page

This next image is totally gratuitous but let’s go with it

As you all know David Tennant was and always will be my doctor but I’m slowly becoming more and more attracted to Matt Smith too, then this beautiful moment occoured in last nights episode which Amy CT described on twitter as “like some kind of freaky Rachel Dream Come True”. Don’t question his credibilities as the doctor just gaze at the beauty. There is also the video of the scene, spoiler warning if you’re yet to see the episode.

I found this next piece on Tumblr and really wanted to share it with everyone

I really wanted to thank all my amazing friends, for keeping my head above water and helping me see my true beauty of life


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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