It’s all in the mantra…. sometimes

I’ve always found that when I’m trying to achieve a big goal nothing spurs me on more than a mantra. When I returned to college my favourite was “it’s not how you leap it’s how you land which during a bad period in my life I had tattooed on my right thigh. Another which I also have inked on me is “remember the stars”, meaning never lose sight of the good things in your life.

Of course I’ve had more in my life such as “Live life for today it’s not a dress rehearsal” as said by my great- uncle. But some mantra’s I don’t agree with, one’s that can cause damage to the individual and those around them

The one I detest the most is “nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels”, I have a habit of bursting with rage when faced with girls who aspire to be unnaturally thin at the best of times- I myself was almost dangerously underweight until last year due to my health, so struggle to see how this can be seen as “beautiful- but when young impressionable girls are heard spouting this to their equally easily swayed friends I can’t help but worry insane amounts. I was in Starbucks this afternoon when I last witnessed it, two girls around the age of 17 at the most and one asking the other if she was getting a cookie, the girl obviously replied “no, why would I nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels” actually caused the other to change her mind about the cookie. I can honestly say that if my nails weren’t freshly polished or my cupwasn’t on the table my Grande full fat mocha with cream wouldve been over her.

Of course I’m not having a go at naturally skinny girls, we’re all gorgeous after all just the way we are but I hate seeing kids aspire to be people like Kate Moss- why would you want to be her seriously? Apart from her wardrobe? Role models are not skinny, coke snorting models. They are the women who change our lives in positive ways, our best friends, our mothers, that college lecturer who made you realise your life dream. Or other women who have actually made a difference in the world positively. What have these airbrushed emancipated poor souls achieved apart from making a helluva lot of money?

Public hate is rife nowadays I’m becoming increasingly sick of it, the latest is the fued between Patrick Stewart and James Corden. I have always hugly respected Patrick stewart as an actor and as a professional but this completely shattered that image and replaced it with one of a bitter pathetic man

There are a few questions emerging such as was it staged? Did they actually plan this? I doubt it. Bad.

I’ve always had it inbuilt in me to see people as beautiful according to their inner beauty, they could be attractive as they liked on the outside but the minute they start manipulating others or trying to bring others down all I could see was an ugly person. A beautiful soul is worth 10 of a girl with the perfect hair, breasts or figure. And any guy that goes for the latter other the former certainly doesn’t deserve to see your inner being.

So what are your views/ experiences of this? I would love to hear some feedback!


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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4 Responses to It’s all in the mantra…. sometimes

  1. Amy says:

    We have very nicely disproven that one 😉

    • Maria says:

      I think people do realise as they get older that some “role models” aren’t all that but it’s a shame that people spend the formative years of their life trying to conform to such an idealised view of beauty whichh is why I think the campaign by you two (I’m looking at you Amy!) is SUCH a good and positive idea 🙂

    • Rachel says:

      Yes, jaffa cakes, chocolate mousse and lotsa other things taste better

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