The Delicious Miss Dahl

I don’t think it’ll come as a surprise to regular readers to learn that I have gotten into another new programme quite late, or in this case when it is finished. You see the first ever episode of life on mars episode I ever saw was the last, same almost applies to Ashes to Ashes- with that one I watched the first episode then no more until the last one- the same does apply for alot of other programs for that matter, or I’ll fall in love with them when they’re being repeated. My excuse for this is that I don’t watch a lot of tv, I’m a radio person so I only usually watch what my parents have on downstairs or my guilty saturday tv.

On a saturday morning I always like to watch cookery shows on bbc, because of this I have developed a slight crush on James Martin but that’s not the point of this piece, today after my beloved Saturday Kitchen they showed the first of the repeated series of The Delicious Miss Dahl. For those unaware it’s a Nigella style show hosted by Sophie Dahl, but the only similarities between the two are they’re attractive women who can cook. It’s Sophie’s personality that really brings the show alive. She cooks her favourite foods which she can associate with different moods and behind each piece is a funny or witty story about either Sophie’s life or little facts she has found out on her travels.

The more I watched the more I became entranced by her, she reminded me of the kind adult character you didn’t see too often in her fathers books but who really made a difference; such as Miss Honey from Matilda.

This is the first dish she made today and some lovely screencaps of Sophie too. It was an Omlette Arnold Bennett ehich inspired me and my Dad to make our own masterpiece….

Ok we made cheese and ham omlette but we still enjoyed them just as much. I was a bit sad to read that this program had recieved quite negative comments from the media and public and I honestly can’t think why. Maybe it was one rich cookery show too many? Who knows, I dont care I love it and her!

But on that point, while I do love cookery shows it seems to have become quite a male dominated program niche again. I also wish more chefs who perhaps do come from more privaledge backgrounds, would create pieces that were achievable to every viewer. This may’ve been Sophie’s down as although she did sound sincere and was far from patronising the ingrediants and at parts some of her stores were quite unrelatable to the public.

But I still love her


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3 Responses to The Delicious Miss Dahl

  1. Danni says:

    I love the Dahl too! Her show was so good- you can definitely tell she’s from a writer’s family…she has a way with words!


  2. Leia says:

    I love her too! I just think she’s so pretty and fun to watch – I’d watch anything she did, cooking or not! She’s got such a great personality.

  3. Rachel says:

    I adore everything about her

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