Lovely little deliveries

Image from 1908 found here

Getting letters and packages in the mail is one of my favourite things in the world, so today was a happy day as I recieved not one but two parcels!

When me and Amy CT were in London for Shhhh Secret business one of the girls involved was wearing a name necklace made of scrabble tiles and I’d been desperate for one ever since, I found this on Ebay and love it

I think it goes great with my pearls

The second of my packages was a Rockabilly gift bag from Heidi Seeker, I knew there would be alot in it but I really underestimated just how much. In the back drop are a shopper bag and tee shirt

I loved how many hair accessories there were in the bundle, not shown is a hairband which is in the first pic

I got 3 pairs of earrings, two hearts and some cherries, so kitsch!

I love badges and brooches or any sort, I even have a “follow me on twitter” one somewhere, I think they look gorgeous on bags, dresses, shorts pockets or jackets.

I also got two beaded braclets, one with a big purple bow, and a necklace with a bird and pair of glasses on. I really think they’re gonna add some spark to my wardrobe.

These are definitely my favourite piece, I’m a sucker for a pair of unique glasses and these are amazing! I already have writer!Rach red glasses and geek!Rach black thick framed ones so now these are my fashionista!Rach glamourpuss shades. I have most certainly put too much thought into this.

Finally there are now even more ways to find me

I had a LookBook ages ago and I’ve finally got around to using it again, click the link to go to my page, you can follow me or hype my outfit posts if you like them. Just let me know if you want to join the site too and I’ll send you an invite.

Does anyone else have it? Follow me if you do!


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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4 Responses to Lovely little deliveries

  1. Leia says:

    I am a HUGE scrabble fan so imagine my delight when I saw your scrabble necklace!!!

  2. I too am a Big fan of scrabble. Almost every Sunday during the summer a bunch of us Plus Size Girls get together and play a couple of rounds. I would love to get a set for each my girlfriends with the names of their children. And of course one for my “MOM”. I love the idea of name necklaces. Thanks for sharing. You got my creative juices shaking!

  3. C=creative
    U=ultimate in fun

    Glad i found you!

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