New fave band Wednesday

As mentioned in my last post I’ve got a few new things on the go, one of which being an Internship at AltSounds, the site is an international community for lovers of music alternative to the mainstream. You can sign up as a listener for a press account in which you can find new music and submit reviews. Or if you’re a new musician trying to get yourself heard this is also a great starting point.

As this is my new little thing I thought I would start bringing you some new music every wednesday. To start here’s a few that are starting to come into the spotlight

The Pretty Reckless

I never really cared much about Taylor Momsen, I don’t really rate her as an idol to young girls if I’m honest but I love this band and her voice.

Blood Red Shoes

I love the edgy rocky sound of this band, Don’t ask is a fantastic song which still manages to sound quite upbeat and dance-y. My favourite lyric in the song is “you started out on two feet but ended on your knees”

Who are your new favourite bands or singers?


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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3 Responses to New fave band Wednesday

  1. Rachel Phipps says:

    The Pretty Reckless is insane, but yeah, I don’t like her either! I can’t wait for their album to come out!!!

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  3. Sherin says:

    I really don’t like Taylor either, but have to admit that The Pretty Reckless are pretty awesome! Will check out both the website and Blood Red Shoes as well!

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