Stay beautiful

It was another sunny day today but in the midst of being whisked off to the beach by the family I forgot my camera so there’s no oufit post- I will however tell you that I didn’t need tights or the first time this year *shock*

Instead I want to keep the happy summer vibes flowing so this post is going to be lots of happy babbling.

starting off with Miss Swift!

Taylor’s voice just makes me smile whenever I hear it, she’s so upbeat and I always listen to her when I’m feeling a bit down. Me and my best friend Amy always try to dance like her in valentines day to You belong with me and me and Amy CT (I know alot of Amy’s, confusing I know) have adopted Stay Beautiful as the theme song of our campaign Nature Made Us Beautiful.

Speaking of which, we’re slowly getting on social networking sites and we’re waiting on big news but you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook so please do!!

I wrote my first opinion piece for another blog this week, my lovely friends Amy CT and Rachel’s newest venture The Ceiling. My piece, the feminist taboo discusses how women in the fashion industry can still be feminists.

Im so sorry that I’d completely forgot about my Temp:Sec giveaway! It closed yesterday and the winner is Izzy Parker!! Izzy could you please send me your address

And to finish I thought Id give you a quick peek at my sketch book for college

What’s keeping you happy?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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