When Rachel met Rachel Phipps

There aren’t many 17 year olds who have been editor of their own magazine,  ran a successful anti size zero campaign and been on the campaign trail with her local MP; Rachel Phipps is the exception to this. Rachel also writes her own blog ‘Cause I’ rather waste my lifes pretending and is a friend of my so I jumped at the chance of interviewing her!

First of all how did you get into fashion?

Totally by accident actually! I tried a lot of online writing projects, and one of my more random ideas was to start a fashion magazine. Sill really, as at that point I didn’t know much about the industry, but that was the idea that took off so I ran with it!

You ran Lipstick Royalty successfully and I’m really sad to see it go, but what made you start it?

I was bored on a Saturday evening in December 2007 while my roommates were watching a really scary movie and I thought to myself “why don’t I start an online fashion magazine?” The rest is history!

What’s your favourite thing about fashion writing?

Its the easiest form of journalism for you to be creative with and to let your own voice shine through. It also allows me to blog, and its one of the most popular blogging mediums. Also it let me get my foot in the door early – I could not have started writing politics and current affairs when I was fourteen, but I could and did start writing fashion when I was that age, which has given me the experience to allow me to now move into other areas!

You were in last years Channel 4 Battlefront with your Who Wants To Be A Size Zero Anyway? campaign, what do you think was achieved from it ?

As well as getting, for a time to fight for a cause I really believe in, and I also learnt some really useful PR and campaigning skills I’ll use for life, and some really great people!

Socks & The City from Battlefronters on Vimeo.

Why ‘Cause I’d Rather Waste My Life Pretending?

“Cause I’d rather waste my life pretending, than have to forget you for one whole minute” – Paramore, crushcrushcrush

Its basically one of my favorite song lyrics. Sometimes I wish I had a less wordy blog title, but words is me! What really suprises me though, is its not a Maroon 5 lyric. As a band I practically worship them. I was originally going to call the blog ‘Orange Blossoms Crushed On Concrete’, which is from their song ‘Wasted Years’ which is going to be on their album ‘Hands All Over’ which is out in September, but is on their live album ‘Friday 13th’, but I went with Paramore instead!

What do you love to do apart from fashion writing?

Politics writing, politics reading, politics watching, politics campaigning… ok politics! Also fashion photography and shopping. And lot of shopping. And baking, and playing hockey. And reading things that are not about politics. I do actually do that you know!

You’re a firm Tory supporter, how do you feel about the new government?

Party member by now, hopefully, if they’ve processed my application and not rejected me! Unusually for me and politics, I’m slightly apathetic. I am literally over the moon David Cameron is Prime Minster now, as he is one of the politicians I admire most! Of course its not desirable that the Conservatives did not achieve enough of a majority to govern on their own, but if David Cameron thinks it was best to enter into a coalition instead of just an agreement with the Liberal Democrats, I trust and believe in him as my leader. However I am overwhelmingly against changing our voting system to Alternative Vote, or implementing fixed 5 year term parliaments with a 55% vote required to dissolve parliament as I believe this is mildly unconstitutional. If wither of these things do happen, I think I’ll have to re-evaluate my opinion of the situation.

And finally what’s next for you?

Well I’ve just founded a politics, culture, lifestyle and current affairs site called The Ceiling with my dear friend Amy Claire Thompson, so I’ll be working hard on that. I’ll be still writing my blog, and I’ll be writing a weekly column on UK politics over at The Ceiling as well as front page articles too. Apart from that, enjoying the summer and hopefully trying my hand at some more volunteer work within the Conservative party! I’ll also be taking some more time to re-write the novel I wrote towards the end of last year and to promote my eBook on how to start your own online magazine!

You find out about Rachel’s many ventures by clicking the links. Rachel also interviewed me on her blog, you can read it by clicking here


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2 Responses to When Rachel met Rachel Phipps

  1. That girl never ceases to amaze me. I’m pretty sure she is actually the definition of “anything is possible”, if you look it up in a dictionary.

    Actually, I might go check that now…


    Love to both Rachels! xxx

  2. Meriel says:

    This is such a good interview! And Rachel really should be so proud of herself – she has done so much 🙂 x

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