New Kate for Topshop

Today saw the launch of Kate Moss’ new range for Topshop

The summer collection features alot of shorts, playsuits and dresses each looking as Boho as the next, but none would be out of place in Ibiza or a park in the (brief) English sun.

Kate launched her latest line in person at the opening of the new Knightsbridge store

She looked stunning and as cool as ever in a playsuit, boyfriend blazer and black tights with  backcombed hair and cats eyes makeup.

My favourite outfit from the new collection is the floral bodice blouse and lace up shorts, though at £45 each I may just take inspiration from the outfit instead.

The diamante scatter is amazingly beautiful, I’d be terrible cautious of where it to a big function though as my love of wine wont mix very well with it!

The launch was ofcourse full of well dressed fashion loving ladies too

Jaime Winston’s rocky look contrasted the boho feel of her mate Daisy Lowe’s maxi dress

You know it’s a good collection when it makes Vogue Queen Anna Wintour smile

The collection is available in store and at TopShop online


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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One Response to New Kate for Topshop

  1. ladderedtights says:

    Kate foreverrrr ❤

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