The ldn look- aka sun is in the sky

Good afternoon lovelies

This post is being written from my garden, sunny Sunderland actually caught the summer sun! I hope it’s as gorgeous where are you are today. Today’s outfit post is actually from yesterday but Oh Well.

If you remember on friday I went to a vintage fashion show and got a lovely red pinafore dress

The armholes had been customised so were quite a way down  my ribs, hence the white vest underneeth, I also wore it with leggings.

It’s become a bit of a routine now that before college myself and Maeve go vintage shopping and for a Starbucks (even though she doesn’t drink coffee). In Best Vintage I found some gorgeous tights that I had to get

These amazing London sights print tights are by Pamela Mann, I fell in love with them

I think they go so well with this dress, I can’t wait to wear them out

I’m a bit nervous to wear them though cos you all know I’m a tights killer!

and here’s some lovely outside shots

have a lovely day, unless you’re at work then boooo


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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6 Responses to The ldn look- aka sun is in the sky

  1. Sarah says:

    STOP BUYING LOVELY VINTAGE PIECES!!!! I’t depressing me 😦
    And those tights are pretty wow!

  2. ladderedtights says:

    shit those tights! omggggg! they look good with the dress too 🙂 x

  3. Rachel says:

    Sarah- NOOOOOOOOOOOO I love buying vintage things

    Louise- thanks darling

  4. Just seen this post! Amazing looking tights – especially with the dress. Pop along and pay us a visit – more there you’ll love!

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