On friday night I got some lovely vintage looking gladrags on and headed over to a vintage fashion show in newcastle, the show was not what I expected

It was in a sorta communal backyard and yes the catwalk was made of some sort of bath sheeting, but there was also cake and they had a little dj, I kinda warmed to it during the second half.

My sister and best friend left me there in favour of the MacDonalds over the road so I was left with the lovely Jenn

Jenn writes the brilliant blog Ventures of Jenn, and also won the “best dressed audience member” prize so got a freebie!

The majority of the following pictures are Jenn’s or my own (mine aren’t the best pictures) there may be more later when I get my sisters camera.

Jenn got this skirt free as her best dressed audience member prize, jammy cow.

she also got this corset, we almost had a fight over it though.

I got this dress and blouse for just £13, it’s so cute

Jenn also got this jacket, this model was really cute

All in all it was kinda fun but really could’ve done with being better organised and publicised, the models also walked a bit too fast to get better pictures. But y’know everyone has to start somewhere


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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4 Responses to The show- PICTURE HEAVY

  1. I wouldn’t blame you for fighting over that corset- it’s fab!!
    I do like the things you bought =)

    Florrie x

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