Toxic lipstick

I love my lipstick, whenever I’m feeling down I just slick it on and it automatically makes me feel better, happier god even sexier! But the other day I read something which scared me via HiFashion

many lipstick brands, including Dior, Lancome, Clinique, YSL, Estee Lauder and Shiseido, are suspected to contain lead, which is a cancer-causing chemical. Apparently, lipsticks that are marketed to have longer staying-power are the ones that have the highest lead content.

So how do you know if your lipstick is one of them? follow this guide

  • if it has black specks in it this means it contains lead
  • apply some of your lipstick to your hand
  • using a gold ring scratch along the surface of it

I did this using my nana’s engagement ring yesterday and was devastated that my favourite lipstick – Rimmel colour show off, shade 030, tell no one– does. I need to find a new one now but ho hum, it’s that or my health.

I hope you all do this now, Im going lipstick shopping today and will be wearing a gold ring to test them.


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4 Responses to Toxic lipstick

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  2. Steph says:

    I just tested this with my favourite cherry red lippy and it took me a while but it started to turn a black/grey colour on the back of my hand =(

  3. Lace and Gold says:

    Hiya, I thought this was originally an email hoax? If you google lipstick and gold ring you get loads of things saying that even if there was lead in the lipstick, this test wouldn’t show it as there wouldn’t be enough lead to react and that the reaction is more likely to be from the waxes used in the lipstick?

    I think there were tests done on lipsticks in the USA that found that about 1 in 3 lipsticks had higher levels than was advised in sweets etc, but that is a bit different? I know there are various claims that we ingest something like 1kg of lipstick in our lives but this is also exaggerated, so I don’t think you have too much to worry about. xx

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