Lazy Sunday scribbles

Good afternoon, it was such a lovely day weather wise yesterday but today it’s a bit bleak here in sunny Sunderland, which gives me some free time to babble on  about a few things

You might have noticed if you follow me on twitter that me and Amy CT have been very jittery and secretive for a couple of weeks, we are dying to tell you all why but it isn’t set in stone yet so we don’t want to jinx. All I will say is that its something HUGE! That and we’re having far to much fun being secretive, sorry!

I start my 10 week course in Fashion Portfolio building tomorrow, I’m so nervous but also dead excited. It just feels like what I should’ve studied all along.

And so onto politics, I’m sure you’re all at least partiallly aware of the election here in Britain, it seems to me like one huge popularity contest, battling to win over celebs to make the public think they’re any different to the public. From what I’ve heard of the debate though there was alot of agreeing with Nick. I’m a bit disturbed by how sinister Gordon Brown looks on the current Tory posters (which I think are verging on schoolyard bahviour, but I won’t get into a debate) but I’m guessing that was their intention.

And finally if you are a fashion blogger from Northern England or Southern Scotland and would be interested in a meet up in either York or Newcastle (we havent got a definate place yet) please email me for more details.


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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3 Responses to Lazy Sunday scribbles

  1. Tracy says:

    good luck with the course – fashion photography is a lot of fun!

  2. Amy CT says:

    Oooh, mee mee, I wanna come to this meet up thing!

    Oh. Right. I’m helping organise it. Dammit, I forgot 😉

    xo A

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