Thursday is Boutique day

Hi lovelies, firstly an apology; sorry I’ve been so incommunicado on here this past week and a bit, but if you would like to chat at all please follow me on twitter, tweet me or DM me.

Every second Thursday is payday and now its become a bit of  habit of mine to go vintage and boutique shopping. So I had a small shop, just a small one, and dinner in a lovely tiny chinese place.

I got this stunningly quaint Antler brooch from The Skirt Boutique (read all about them here). I also had a chat with the girl who works there, she told me a little bit about London College of Fashion as she studied there too.

This vintage 60s/70’s bag was from Best Vintage newcastle (featured here last week), I absolutely adore this shop and feel that I can never leave without buying something. They’re in the process of setting up their own website so keep your eyes peeled for that, yours truly may also be helping them out with it.


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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