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Last week my lovely editor Amy asked me if I would like to do a post swap with her blog Confessions of a Fashion Editor. My post went up on her blog yesterday so here is her’s today.

Beauty essentials – the three products you’d not live without


Hello. I’m Amy, and I’m a Natural Collection-aholic.

I don’t know about you, but I love finding out what beauty products other people use. I think it’s something to do with the fact that I’m naturally nosy, and something to do with wanting to know how people create their look, and something to do with the fact that I’m allergic to almost everything that most shops tend to sell, so that when I do find something I can use, it’s like a hidden gem, and I never forget it.

So, I thought I’d share my three essential products with you – and pretty please, comment with your own five. Nosiness will out!

Product #1 – Rose and Almond Oil Vaseline, £1.69

Image: HERE


For reasons I’ve never been able to explain, I cannot abide lipgloss, and, for day-to-day wear, lipstick always feels a bit too much…

This Vaseline is a little different from normal, in that it’s tinted (and scented… why??), so it does the job of a lipgloss in a more subtle, less annoying way. I always seem to have a tin in my pocket!

Product #2 – Lush Helping Hands moisturiser, £3.69/45g


Image: HERE

 I get seriously dry skin seriously easily, and this is literally the best cure in the history of time. Fact.


Product #3 – Natural Collection Loose Powder, £1.99


Image: HERE 

The Natural Collection is a godsend for me: it’s inexpensive, and it’s just about the only mainstream makeup line that I’m not allergic to. The loose powder foundation is more subtle than other foundations, too.

 All in all, I don’t tend to wear much makeup, because, to be honest, I really can’t be bothered with the hassle of it, and so I only really use eyeliner and a little mascara as well as this, mostly.

What about you? What can you simply not live without?


– A –


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