Fashion up north

Growing up in the North east I think I have a very altered view of fashion. In Sunderland “being fashionable” means hoards of girls in gladiator sandals, jeggings and long tees- clones all trying to imitate one tiny trend in a huge industry. In Newcastle there’s more freedom, being noticed means wearing what you want where you want, how you want. Girls aren’t slaves like you often see in London.

Image from Fashion Looks North

The North-east is a place where we celebrate our shapes and sizes, we know what suits us. Often girls who are pear shaped wear things to accentuate that, what I appreciate even more than a well cut outfit is the girl underneath it with the confidence in abundance to carry it off.

I’m considered lucky by a lot of women because I’m the perfect size 8-10 and 5 foot 7″, others tell me I’m “too thin”. But none of this matters to me, after years of trying to gain weight and wearing flat heels I’m finally accepted and I’ll let you in on the secret to this- I’m accepted by others, seen as someone who you can count on for body and styling advice for one reason; I accept myself

To me girls who are of any size who love their bodies make clothes better, this is why I love working in fashion. You see models every day on catwalks and in the glossies who are what is considered to be a desirable shape with one thing missing, a smile- no just on their lips, the smile behind their eyes, the spark in their photograph. I would never want to go up to these girls in the street and ask where they got their scarf/ jacket/ other item from as they don’t  seem real


This brings me onto a fantastic new site ran by three lovely bloggers called Basse Mode, they aim to transfer their blog to a real magazine with real women of all shapes and size from all walks of life. I would love it if you could support this amazingly worthy cause.



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