The news at ten

This week has been one of rest and plans, rest from the previous weekend and plans welllll

Firstly last friday my lovely geordie friend Sam Killip sent me a link to a competition on facebook

Ran by Rare fashion the comp gives you an experience of a lifetime to meet designers and people in the industry. I know I’ve never reall desiged much but I’ve always wished I could and ofcourse I love fashion, so I entered. You can vote for me if you wish by clicking the image and saying why you think I should win.

Since then though I have started drawing little pieces, finding inspiration and in paritcular thought about making bags. Here are some of the pages in my scrapbook (obviouly I cant show you the full pieces)

On the same sort of theme I was in touch with college this week and they have aggreed that I can definately return in September! For the course I’m taking the HEFC’s (the equivalent to A levels for adult learners) you have to take three subjects so I think I’m going to definately take Media and English Language, but I’m still a it unsure about which type of fashion course to take. I would ideally like to do an fashion editorial or historuy course but I also would be interested in learning more on fashion design.

I also decided that the time is right to start looking for work again, my ideal job would be in fashion buying or something online in an editorial, or contributers role meaning I could work from home. If anyone knows of any positions which you think could work for me don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Finally as some of you may know I’ve been promoted to Secondary Editor at BSB, however from the 1st of April I’m taking the reigns for 2 weeks whilst Amy is still on standby to help me gain confidence, so please be nice to me! We’re also in talks for a collaoration with another blog community but all will be revealed very soon.


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to The news at ten

  1. musak. says:

    sounds amazing. good luck sweet.
    i love you.

  2. Kar says:

    WOW!!! Good luck with the competition! The scrapbook is looking well 🙂
    Tbh I think maybe the fashion editing might have a bit of fashion design in it.
    Also congrats on the new position! 😀 Very proud of you.
    Love you ❤

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