Flowers in the springtime

It’s spring, though you wouldn’t think it with all this rain! I’m in love with floral patterns on absolutely everything at the minute.

Thi is my floral dress from Primark,  it goes well all prettied up with tights and day heelsor just for brightening up my day with leggings and flats

I got this purse on the same trip to Primark, it reminds me of a Cath Kidston piece.

This beautiful spring flowers charm bracelet was a birthday present from my aunty, it goes with so many of my outfits and makes me smile.


As you can see Florals are inspiring alot lately, obviously you understand that I cant show you what theyre inspiring yet though.

Look out for my next blog post, its full of news!


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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One Response to Flowers in the springtime

  1. Kar says:

    Damn flowers! They’re everywhere lol. You should’ve been promoting daffodil day with your flower theme but ah well lol.
    I do like that necklace though. Very pretty!

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