the bralet

If you have just gone “eh?” at the title of this post trust me you’re not alone, I didn’t know this name existed either. I strolled into topshop yesterday looking for a new bag, instead I was confronted with this


I found this a bit strange. Was it underwear? if so why was it with shorts? The more I thought about it though, the more I warmed to it. I read Company magazine’s “High Street Edit S/S10” and sure enough they were featured quite alot. They advise girls to wear them under sheer tops with shorts, which for the silk types would go very well


However I think the patterned designs such as thi9s floral one also from Topshop would look great with a high waisted skirt during the summer.

I still havent made up my mind about them but what do you think?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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3 Responses to the bralet

  1. ladderedtights says:

    I think if you’ve got the stomach/body for it or you are Jameela Jamil then go for it!

  2. The florals ones actually quite appeal to me- just obviously not for me to actually wear personally. 🙂

  3. Kar says:

    To be honest I don’t like it but I’d say if you’ve got the right figure for it & you like it, then go for it!
    I’d say they would look pretty with shorts & skirts 🙂
    No to the floral though haha. What is it with floral clothes?! I don’t mind clothes with flowers on them but not something with it covered in flowers….

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