Tumblin’ along

I love Tumblr, after Twitter it’s my favourite social networking site. Though I don’t really class it as a social networking site, its more somewhere to share your images and views. I still don’t know what the verb for posting on tumblr is; to tumbl, tumblin’?  Mine focuses on anything from fashion to Doctor Who with a bit of my daily life thrown in.

Click the image to go to my tumblr

The Clothes Horse is also on Tumblr, she has the most beautifuly quaint collection of images

Pussycat Rae, AKA Leah, posts some gorgeously glam shots vintage fashion giving the tumblog a Hollywood feel

I also have an apology, my trusty laptop is in the shop this week, so I may become somewhat of a recluse as I’m using a very old laptop. It may be back around Friday but as I know you’re probably all aware that’s my birthday! I’ll reply to all emails, tweets etc when I can


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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