Basse Mode

Lauren, my successor to the British Style Bloggers blog of the month crown, recently wrote a fantastic guest blog about a project she is involved in. Along with two other girls that she met on twitter Lauren aims to create a magazine or real women, made by real women. This magazine is Basse Mode

I love reading magazines like Company and Cosmo but you can bet I will always be rilled by one feature or another as their portrail of real women is often so far off the mark. My favourite place to find inspiration is on the web, through bloggers that I love and new ones that I discover.

The girls have dubbed their magaine as “low fashion” and as they say

 Low-fashion is real life fashion, achievable attainable and interpreted differently by every single person who wears clothes. The brilliance is in the creativity shown on lower budgets, with expensive signature pieces, or even just with reworking what you already have.


 They’re trying to get as much support as they can and I for one am behind them all the way, to find out how you can contribute visit the get involved section


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