International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. Myself and Amy of CoaFE were invited to Parliament for the the Body Image debate and to celebrate with polictians and members of the media and fashion world, unfortunately lack of funds and the cost of train fares stopped us getting there. But it was still such a huge thing to be invited and we’re eternally grateful.

Instead I attended the event at Nortumbria University. It was amazing to see women from all walks of life coming together for one common cause. There were guest speakers, including Dawn Bowman from the tyneside Rape Crisis Centre. Astartling fact she told us was that 3 in 4 councils don’t have a RCC. There were poetry and short story reading’s from lecturers and students at  Northumbria. There was music from the Whitley Bay Women’s choir, which was beautiful but also fun in places especially their rendition of  “my heart has made it’s mid up, and I’m afraid it’s you” and The Acapella Stella’s who also did a couple of African songs which were loud and very empowering.

After the event there was the Wine aspect of the title, I got the chance to speak to some really inspiring ladies including my friend Ness and a couple of the women from the choir. I also met two of the student writers Clem Hollister and Heather Cairns who were friends of my writer friend Amy Ekins, both girls were lovely to talk to, very down to earth and wearing gorgeous outfits. I will have an interview with Clem in the next few days.

One of the aspects we have come a long way in is of course fashion, it may not be as poignant as votes for women or pay increases but could you imagine if women still weren’t allowed to wear trousers?!

I hope everyone had a great day and although we have come a long way, we need to keep spreading the message that we haven’t reached the end of our fight yet.


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to International Women’s Day

  1. IdaPida says:

    I hope that some day women will be so liberated and so equal that there is no need for a women’s day..

    i’m glad you enjoyed the event, since you couldn’t go to the parliment.

  2. Amy CT says:

    I’m so sorry about Parliament, still… 😥

    But I’m really glad you did something awesome instead!


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