Alot of weight on your shoulders?

According to the Telegraph a recent survey has shown that the average weight of a handbag is 23lb’s, that’s almost a stone and a half an equivalent to a 15 month child.

Being the curious girl I am I weighed my own bag and found it to be 7 lb’s, a mere drop compared to a toddler weight bag but still I carry around half a stone with me.

I’m not the sort to carry around a huge bag from day to day, unless it’s really needed for things such as college or trips. This is my lovely newest bag which I bought from Faith. I know every blogger at some point has done this but I thought I woud show you what exactly makes my bag weigh half a stone

In my bag are

  • My filofax
  • a notebook of some sort (right now its my RSL bible)
  • my purse
  • keys and tardis keyring
  • iPod
  • A cake lipbalm
  • various pieces of make up
  • buspass
  • and random reciepts and bus tickets

So here’s my challenge to all of you, weigh your bag- if your scales wont weigh it by itself weigh yourself then weigh yourself again with your bag and the difference is your bag weight- and report back to me. Do you carry around a 15 month child?


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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4 Responses to Alot of weight on your shoulders?

  1. Ahh I need to do the bag contents shot sometime.
    I guess I carry round quite a lot- I don’t understand how people manage with small bags and often end up looking like an arty bag lady bringing all my stuff to college. If someone would like to reveal the secret of packing light I would be most grateful. đŸ™‚

    Florrie x

    • Rachel says:

      I oack quite light now I’m not at college but when I go back I’ll be a bag lady too.
      Highlighters, folders, post its, notebooks, textbooks, hairgrips, juice- infact you name it and it’ll be there!

  2. Amy CT says:

    My handbag? No. The bag I take to school probably weighs more, though!

    Current contents:
    – 3 A4 hardcover spiral bound notebooks
    – Hardcover academic year diary
    – 4 play scripts
    – Pencil case
    – 2 paperback textbooks
    – And tomorrow, it’ll have lunch, 500ml of water, and other random crap such as umberella and phone…

    *Dies of heaviness*

    ALSO: just noticed…

    “I’m a contributing intern/almost Amy’s PA (haha) at British Style Bloggers.”

    — Ha ha, woops? :-/ I feel mean now!

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