Fighting for inspiration

Tonight has not been nice to say the least, I don’t really want to discuss it any further but thank you for all your lovely messages on twitter. Instead I’m going to rise above it and write about some people who inspire me and shoe you some images..

Mercedes Scelba-Shorte is u huge inspiration to me in terms of fighting my illness and achieving my goals. You might recognise her from Cycle 2 of America’s next top model in which she came second. Mercedes did have her bad days but she managed to stick in til the very end and refused to be brought down by her Lupus.

Renee Yohe is a huge inspiration to many people. The original reason for fighting behind TWLOHA, she decided to use her story and scars to help others coping with addiction and depression. She puts it simpler herself

I hope that by giving you this piece of my heart you might be inspired, enlightened, and comforted in each of your journeys, knowing that you do not travel alone.

I found this image on tumblr somewhere at the beginning of the year when I was determined to make this year good. I was getting downhearted because not alot had happened to make my life better when this reminded me to just wait!

This was really a big turning point for me, this was when I realised that people actually enjoyed what I was writing and the images I was sourcing. Winning this paved the way for me to become an intern and all the exciting thins that this has brought with it.

Over the last few years I slowly became the person I had always hated, leading to an inevitable breakdown. It was only when I had to rebuild my life that I found the courage to do what I really wanted in life, through this time I realised who my true friends were and have been able to bring out the real me.

This quote is from Pigeons and Peacocks the magazine written by London College of Fashion students, it inspired me to write more pieces from the heart.

Not only should we seek inspiration, we should become our own inspiration and in turn provide others with the reason to fight and carry on.


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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2 Responses to Fighting for inspiration

  1. kerri. says:

    oh rachy. the amount of positvity(sp?) in this post is incredible. ❤
    i love you x

  2. Amy CT says:

    I’m so happy to have been able to help in that tiny little way – your story, too, is a very inspiring one, you know.

    Renee Yohe is a superstar and truly incredible woman whom everyone should look to for inspiration…

    And yes – I got a copy of Pigeons and Peacocks when you blogged about it, and that quote made me tear up… it’s so inspiring!

    Lots of love and hugs, honey xx

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