Want to feel great about your body? (Don’t) change it!

Ok I did it again, I am a glutton for punishment. I say it every month that I will stop buying glossy fashion magazines, but the truth is I can’t. The reason I love buying glossy’s such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Company? Going through them all and finding body image piece’s I would do differently myself.

So being bored on a Sunday I bought  Glamour of March 2010. On the cover it says “Kiss your body hang- up’s goodbye! Page 268 will crush them for good” So I niavely flicked to the correct page expecting to find maybe a feel-good body image special.

It was instead a four page diet plan for girls of all sizes. I couldn’t believe it!  Instead of helping girls feel good about their bodies the way they are, they want you to think that the only way you should feel good about yourself is by changing it. I can’t help but worry about a girl what a girl with body dis-morphia or an eating disorder might think and do as a consequence of reading this article.

It angers me so much that some magazine editors criticise bloggers then write continuous articles like this. The way I see it magazines feel threatened by more and more bloggers who are realising that they can respond through the internet and helping their readers to see how they should really view their bodies.

I don’t class myself as a huge influence in the blogging world but I will be happy if any of my posts help at least one person to feel good about themselves I will know I am doing some good.


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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6 Responses to Want to feel great about your body? (Don’t) change it!

  1. musak. says:

    i love you. to me, you are inspiration.

  2. Claire says:

    I fucking hate Glamour. They are poisonous.

    When I got back online after a hiatus over Christmas, I checked my email because I knew there was some stuff for Pos.BodyImage season from Amy waiting for me. And what did I find in the message previous to it? The following image, under a mail subject that was something like “love yourself in the new year!”: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v228/effgeevee/GlamourIllusion.jpg

    I am proud to know that you do not ignore or let slide their trash.

  3. blissbubbley says:

    I like you try to avoid buying the glossy magazines but I admit I do tend to give them a read especially at doctors/dentists etc

    The messages they send out are confusing and misleading to its readers.

    I’m still surprised that they get away with it to be honest, but that’s “free media” for you.

    With blogs like this one you will help more than one person feel good about themselves, you do a fantastic job!

  4. Amy CT says:

    Here here!

  5. absolutely brilliant brilliant article you have written….are they scared that women won’t buy their crappy magazine if they inspire women to feel good about themselves…clearly not xx

  6. IdaPida says:

    like you said before as well with the plus size photos blog entry.
    they edit them and make them look so much smaller..
    no matter how hard fashion tries to portray a healthy body image they rather flags the unhealthy body obsessions they think they’re trying to prevent..

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