Our afternoon at Lebeado

Today I was invited to a Jewellery store Lebeado in West Jesmond, Newcastle by Deborah the lady in charge of all their online operations. I took the two cloest people in my life Jodie and Amy with me and was assured by Deborah that she would come upstairs and meet me as she works in the basement (it is of course a very nice basement though!)

Stepping through the door of the shop I could immediately feel the magic of Lebeado and to call it a jewellery store would be a HUGE understatement, you don’t just buy jewellery here,  you can actually make your own.

The whole of the long wall and some free standing units were full of boxes of beads, buttons, gems and Swarovski crystals in every colour and shape. Here’s Jodie showing how much we loved the blue and purple unit

This is the centre shelving uni which was full of jars of big pearls, ceramic pieces and kooky things. In the corner are Amy and Polly, who works there, picking clasps and little extras as she was making a necklace.

Then if you were getting a necklace you could chose the coloured chain or if it was a bracelet you could pick between elastic or silver gold or black wire. This is Polly cutting the Silver chain Amy chose for her necklace.

This wall had all of the ready made jewellery, available to buy

After that I went downstairs with Deborah to have a lovely chat, she told me all about how Lebeado started from a mother ad daughter spotting a New Zealand ethnic store to setting up there own business which allowed everyone to create their own pieces to suit their style. This is Deborah “working”.

She showed me around the basement nd the new and old stock. They’re in the process of creating a catalogue with a model but this is where they often take pictures of their products.

When I returned Jodie and Amy were busy, Jodie making her second bracelet and Amy her first. They had discovered all the kooky pieces, and beads!

I started making mine with swarovski crystals and  rose bead then dropped the whole thing on the floor, meaning I started again and totally changed the design.

Then we were finished! So here are our hand made jewellery pieces

Amy got a necklace with a big springy piece on it and a bracelet full of buttons and coloured beads

Jodie made her first bracelet with purple and clear Swarovski crystals and her second with Pandora charms. My dad wanted to join in so he posed with Jodie’s Primark beads!

And finally here’s my bracelet made me blue and clear Swarovski crystals and a blue Rose bead. The beads only go half way round but I think that makes it look prettier.

I had such a fun time making my own jewellery and will be returning again. You can visit the site HERE. Or follow Deborah on twitter @lebeado_debs


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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3 Responses to Our afternoon at Lebeado

  1. Kar says:

    Aw that sounds like good fun. All those are very pretty jewellery ye made.
    Glad you all had fun! 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    This store is truely unique and totally fab…you look like you had as much fun as me making the bracelets. It took me hours as it was so fiddly. I would like to direct you to our site for stores in the jesmond area…www.jesmondlocal.com, here you will be able to see all recent news and offers posted by myself as the shopping reporter, there are a few articles concerning lebeado. I will attempt to link those pages to this feature.
    This is a fab blog, which are few and far between in the North East area…rach

  3. Millie Dawson says:

    When I read that you are a student of English I nearly wept. There are several spelling mistakes in this blog. The word ‘and’ mispelt twice (no excuse as it is such a short word and one of the first you learn in primary school. Also, ‘their’ and ‘closest’.

    You will already know that journalism is a very competitive career to get into. Do yourself a favour and learn how to spell as even if you are very good at what you do you won’t even get to the interview stage. Please don’t take this personally but do act on it if you want to get on. If you want a career in words then it really does help to know how to spell.

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