Louise Goldin for Topshop

I am an avid follower and retweeter of the official Topshop twitter  @Topshop_tweets so when I heard that they’d just launched a new range of shoes I was rather excited. Howevvverrr

I changed my mind a bit after seeing the range itself.I know studs are bang  on trend but spikes?! I do rather like the silver studded pastel shoe on the right but only because it looks like it couldn’t do as much permanent damage.

You can view the full range HERE, but what do you guys think? Would you wear them?


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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3 Responses to Louise Goldin for Topshop

  1. hmm I love them, but at £150 I think I will pass x

  2. IdaPida says:

    i dont really like this style..
    topshop has a lot of nice things, but they also have a lot of styles i absolutely don’t get

  3. missbeliever says:

    I think these are absolutely incredible – I love how topshop is getting more and more high fashion. I adore these shoes!

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