Sexy size 16?

I did it again, I broke one of own beliefs and bought Cosmo. But I like reading the fashion pages so there.

Anyway, setting my excuses aside, I felt the need to show you all this shoot billed “sexy size 16- the photograph that proves we can all wear skinny jeans”

Yes it is a big step and enpowering but something doesn’t seem right. I don’t want to play devils advocate but are these girls really a size 16?

My main issue is with this girl, yes it could just be the way its shot but she doesn’t seem like a size 16 and if she is it just doesn’t seem in proportion

I don’t want to make accusations, but if they have shopped this- Shame on you Cosmo. However if it is a real photoshoot  I do congratulate Cosmopolitan.


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6 Responses to Sexy size 16?

  1. Amanda says:

    As a size 18 I’m always interested when magazines show “real women”, however I would say this shoot as been photo shopped to either make big models small or more likely small models bigger.
    Also its a shame they all look so glum, it gives me the feeling of look you can get skinny jeans to fit you but you won’t look happy if you’re bigger than a size 8.
    Come on Cosmo buck the trend show some happy healthy mixed size models instead of it being a special feature that you have size 16 girls.

  2. Kar says:

    Yeah eh…. I think it may be a lie too…. I dunno like. I wouldn’t really be able to guess somebody’s size just by looking at them.
    Tbf though they don’t look that small either so they could be a size 16.
    But everyone should feel good whatever size they are & see that you can be sexy & feel good. Really thin girls aren’t the greatest models to be following.

  3. Grr I just lost my whole comment by opening the picture rather than putting it in a new tab =[

  4. IdaPida says:

    they always shoot from angles that makes models look slimmer,
    its a shame when its to honour the big and beautiful you know.. not that 16 is big, but you get my point.

    if you remember season 10 of americas next top model when whitney won, she was the first plus size winner, yet they often strapped her up tight, she was shot from angles that made her slimmer, and tbh she’s not even a very big girl to be a plus size

  5. Hmmm. They *don’t* look like Size 16s, but then again, a person’s true size can be so deceptive – I once met a girl at a party who was TINY in both weight and height, yet she claimed that she wore Size 16 jeans because of the size of her hips – so it can be very, very hard to tell!

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