Marilyn- the visit series

It seems there have been more never before seen pictures of one of my icons unearthed and now on sale

Taken just eight months before Marilyn’s tragic death, this is the meeting of two american icons Marilyn at the time was 35 and Carl Sandburg the three time pullitzer award winning poet was 83.

Marilyn showed up three hours late to the photographer Len Steckler’s NYC apartment, her excuse being that she had been trying to get her hair dyed to match Carl’s.

Although Marilyn was no longer as hotly sought after as she once was by this point, there’s no denying that she was still captivating and nothing short of gorgeous.

You can view the full collection HERE, and each image is available for a mere 1,999 dollars.


About Rachel Charlton-Dailey

PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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4 Responses to Marilyn- the visit series

  1. musak. says:

    i love her.

  2. kerri. says:

    1,999 dollars? thats not that cheap haha. but i guess it is marilyn 🙂

  3. IdaPida says:

    she truly was a beautiful inspiring woman with a tragic end.

    if the fashion world had been based around her, i think it would be a much healthier industry

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