Pale is the new tan

To be honest I never really read Heat magazine- just how much does one person need to know about Jordan of the cast of a teen drama? But this week I had to read the interview with Nicola Roberts from Girl aloud.

This week they interviewed her as she become the face of their new anti-sunbeds campaign- Dazzle Don’t Frazzle. The image above was created to show the affects sunbeds could have on a young person.

I’ve never liked sunbeds and I’m finally starting to love my pale skin, its unique and part of me right? I hate it when you see girls with a colour skin they obviously weren’t born with and will never understand the saying “I feel better with a tan”. Personally I think Nicola looks gorgeous pale skinned, not only because its natural though, she’s finally comfortable in her own body and skin which automatically exudes confidence and beauty.


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3 Responses to Pale is the new tan

  1. IdaPida says:

    well most models are told they should be pale right? i know on australia’s next top model some of the girls are being rejected because they’re too tanned..

    having said that i do enjoy being tanned, it makes me feel good, but i would never go to extremes, there’s actually a condition for people who tan too much..:O i read about it in a magazine at the hairdressers once

  2. Kar says:

    Yeah tbf pale skin isn’t so bad…… it can be annoying at times but it’s grand like :L
    Great post & I agree, Nicola does look pretty with pale skin!

  3. Hooray for being pale!! I wish more people would be content with the way they are and not trying to change it, it’s rather sad. =( I would be very content with my own skin colour if someone would make a pale foundation! Well technically Nicola here has but you can only get it online and I’ve got enough bottles of stuff that’s the wrong colour, so something in store would be lovely.
    My mum had the worst kind of skin cancer and she never even sunbathed but just ONCE she got sun burnt walking up Snowdon and that’s what did it. It’s just not worth it! I’m a SPF 60+ girl myself lol.

    Florrie x

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