The key to my new passion and my room

So today I went shopping with Amy and we ended up in a charity shop, admitedly I have always been a snob as far as charity shops were concerned but today I was pleasantly surprised.

This fantastic Parisian frame with a mirror and hooks cost me just 50 pence!

This gorgeous key necklace is a bit broken, I know but it makes it a one off.

It was 50 pence too. I also got a copy of The Da Vinci Code for 30p!

I need to find a place frame yet as nearly every wall in my room has something on it, but we’ll see

I got this Audrey Hepburn print canvas last week for £3.99 from the bargain shop B&M

she adds some class to my room I think

My absolute favourite thing on my walls though, has to be my notice board

It has my to do’s, photos and other little things on

So here’s my question to you, what is your favourite thing in your room?


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PR girl, gin lover and happy soul.
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8 Responses to The key to my new passion and my room

  1. kerri. says:

    the favourite thing in my room is my david tennant poster 😉 and the photo frame which pictures of me and my old best friend in. it’s the two things that can always make me smile

  2. Megan says:

    my wardrobe. All my photos, concert tickets, flyers and all the other little things I’ve collected from things I’ve been to are stuck on. I love it.

  3. Amy CT says:

    I read that first line and did a double take! Then I realised that there are a LOT of Amys in this world 😉

    My favouriet thing is my notice board, which covers a whole wall in my room. I’m going to try to get a good photo of it tomorrow, when there’s some natural light in my room, and no shadow, so that I can write a post about it 🙂


  4. Kar says:

    Seeeee Charity Shops aren’t that bad! 🙂
    They’re all really cool & pretty.

    Favorite thing… hmm…. I don’t have a favorite thing…. It varies. Probably my collection of teddies :L & any concert stuff even if I have only gone to 2 concerts haha but I love EVERYTHING about my room! It’s the best! =D

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